Hello, dear Budo friend!

I do think so … It is possible to overcome these two opposites and reap the benefits of both sides.

The split/individualization allows you to practice the Budo discipline that suits you. You can improve your strengths and pursue your preferences.

The unification of all Budo disciplines would offer the opportunity to better enforce common goals, greater protection from the group, and also challenges practitioners with their weaknesses, aversions, and comfort zones.

What should this third way look like?

Those who start with their favorite discipline, achieve mastery there, see themselves as part of a Budo family. Then, step by step, they can develop the less preferred disciplines. Thus he or she will not only become a well-versed Budoka, but they will also receive the success and the protection of the Budo family.

What do you think? Is that a desirable way for you as a Martial Artist or do you say, “Budoka stay with your discipline!”

I am looking forward to your opinion …


Best regards