Hello dear Budo friend!

The long-term, gradual development towards higher goals is nothing new in Budo.
It takes years for you to achieve mastery in any Budo discipline.

The same is true for the inner path. Until you are able to:

• Control your mind (for more rest)
• Increase your energy levels noticeably (for less stress) and
• Develop your health (through regular fasting) and
• Finishing the focus on material things (for more freedom)
you will need years of training to achieve mastery.

The first significant successes will come after a few months, just as in Karate, Judo, Jiu or Aikido too.

At the present time, however, long-term work on positive goals is no longer propagated in our culture. On the contrary … it has to be fast.

What is your opinion about your own development work?

Do you see any sense in working on your skills in the medium term? Or do you have no time, desire or need for it?

Best regards Alexander from Budo2Business