Hello dear budo friends.

Our ego drives us to be better!

Whatever that means, more successful, stronger, more knowledgeable, calmer, happier…

But it also has a dark side!

Often the ego wants:
– to be successful today and not tomorrow and
– to be better than the other

This hinders us in our development.

A good opponent helps us to overcome this dark side. This may be another Budoka at the Randori or you yourself (at the Way of the Inner Warrior)

They teach us to succeed tomorrow when we are ready to learn and recognize the adversary as a teacher!

And yet, this is a Budo quality that is learnable. I do not know many people, professionals, managers and corporate cultures that they have acquired … to their own detriment!

Greetings, Alexander

PS: I still do not like to lose! 🙂

PS: Here’s an overview of the entire Budo method:

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