Hello dear Budo friends!

Sun Tzu knew about the necessary interaction of the opposites of tactics and strategy. This has also relevance to the business, I think.
The essence of a strategy is a future-oriented, proactive and holistic learning process with the goal of making sustainable money.
A typical question is: what offer will we have in future in which markets?

Tactics are responsive in the short term, changing frequently and affecting many areas.
A typical question would be: How do I do a short-term high workload?

One thing is certain! Globalization, AI automation, digitization, 3D printing, global debt crisis, etc. will greatly change our future world.

Where is your future place in this business world?
What is your strategy for having a good job or paying customers in the future?
Or does Sun Tzu’s saying have no relevance to you as an employee and entrepreneur because you prefer to react?

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