Hello dear friend of martial arts!

The inner path, as monks persue, was the starting point of our beloved martial arts. But it has been lost in large parts. Coincidence or not …. it does not help us.

The inner path (the mastery of yourself) is the prerequisite for the outer path (mastery over others).

He is the foundation you stand on as a manager. Is that why we see so many people in the West going for compensation? (materialism and consumerism?). Do people have to be uprooted to function in neo-liberal capitalism?

The spread of yoga (an inner path) is therefore a positive thing for me. Although yoga practice in the West is strongly culturally colored with a focus on the material part of the physical stretching exercises, it is a first good step inside.

Then, when the pain comes and man begins to seek new ways, many will take the true path of yoga as a gnostic method of self-discovery and development ….

What are your experiences with the inner path? Ever thought about it or even started? Please tell us your opinion in the comments.

LG Alexander