Hello dear friend of martial arts!

As an employee and working as a manager, manager and entrepreneur, you operate today in an uncertain environment (peace in danger, society in turmoil, technological upheaval, etc)

What needs to be done or LEARNED to take advantage of the opportunities that arise?

We want to answer these questions from the perspective of Asian wisdom disciplines (Budo, Yoga, Zen, Buddhism, etc).

For this we will organize a conference with many specialists.

We are currently working on the title for the conference and need your HELP!

Which title do you like best? Please like this title (please also suggest comment).

Many Thanks!


Please write your comment on which option is better!

1.LEADERSHIP FOR BUSINESS UNCERTAINTY: Less stress & more performance with Asian wisdom!

2.MANAGEMENT IN UNCERTAIN TIMES: Answers from Asian wisdom!

3.ENHANCE YOUR LEADERSHIP PERFORMANCE: A new perspective from Asian wisdom!

4.LEADERSHIP IN UNCERTAIN TIMES: Less stress and more business performance with Asian wisdom!

5.MANAGING BUSINESS UNCERTAINTY: More mindfulness and business performance with Asian wisdom!

6.MANAGEMENT IN CRISIS: Asian wisdom a new approach?