Hello budo friends,

the slogan of General Choi carries for me great depth and insight. Whether in private life, in business or in our society, I can see the avoidance of pain and its negative consequences.

We live in a hedonistic and fast-seeking society.
That sometimes one should take pain, if one wants to feel lucky tomorrow, has not found widespread use in Western society.

Also in my life it is unique! The big development spurts in different areas always came after unpleasant and sometimes painful phases.

Pain is a potential energy that helps to overcome the lethargy of habits or to acquire new skills …. this applies to the human body, its psyche as well as to the competitiveness of managers and companies.

In my experience, this energy is especially successful when paired with appreciation and esteem…

Greetings, Alexander

PS: Here’s an overview of the entire budo method:

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