Dear friend of Budo!

If historical evidence is not distorted, as it turned out to be true in recent events (Irak, Lybia, Vietnam, and many other) then the origins of our beloved martial arts are in India.

A Buddhist monk named Bodhidharma from India taught the Chinese his martial art skills, which later become Kung-Fu! It is similar to the Indian martial art Kalaripatayam.

Some say the indian monks developed the martial arts, believing that a strong body helps develop a strong religious practice. Some say the martial arts were developed to help the monks defend themselves against robbers and bandits.

This article discusses the forgotten roots of Budo:

In modern martial art times, these ancient roots are barely visible in most of its disciplines like Karate, Judo, Jiu, Taekwondo.

What is your opinion? Should modern martial arts remember and incorporate more its history and origin?

Best regards