Dear friend of martial arts!

Since I have been working as a freelancer for medium-sized companies for about 20 years,
I have seen many entrepreneurs and got a deep insight into their lives.

I met five self-made millionaires, who made their money in this life and did not inherit it.

I learned the following:

  • You can not plan to get rich (several million net assets). It’s more or less coincidence. These people were not exceptionally good at their work or charismatic.
  • They were in the right place at the right time and did not make mistakes.
  • All have been personally damaged because of this wealth. Lost friends, family, health, freedom and normality and gained physical threat, envy and high complexity in their lives.

And that’s why I think I’d rather follow my passion: Budo! Then you have definitely won. If you then also earn money, then you are richer than a millionaire!

Or what do you think? Do the zeros on a bank account make you happy – especially if the bank may even be at risk of insolvency?

Best Alexander