Hello budo friends.

A black belt is a white belt that never gave up!

Unfortunately, the ability to set a long-term and challenging goal and to end the journey on one’s own initiative is not part of our Western culture.

At school, we learn to sit behind a desk and do what another person says. And then one wonders why the employees in the business world often lack their own initiative or why only a few people are looking for self-employment!

Our beloved budo has a role model here. Anyone who has gone this way in budo has acquired the psychic ability to go in a different discipline!

Actually, you should already teach these important skills in school … Why is not this probably done?

Coincidence, ignorance or do you not want psychologically strong, independent thinking people with strong ethics in the business world (society)?

Greetings, Alexander

PS: Here’s an overview of the entire Budo method:

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