Hello dear budo friends.

Feedback is an essential part of budo.

You get it all the time from your alternate partners, from your trainer and, if you are careful, from your body, mind and feelings.

This is the basis of the path of lifelong learning. Without feedback no learning, and without learning no improvement of your skills and no progress in the “Do”.

How is this in business?

Some well-developed organizations, managers and professionals have integrated it into their working lives.

But many do so only half-heartedly or not at all. Would the top management of a company live the same intensity of feedback as in the budo … the majority of the employees would, in my opinion, be offended.

Hand on the heart … how do you react when someone tells you that you can not do something important or go in the wrong direction?

Are you going the budo way in business?

Greetings, Alexander

PS: Here’s an overview of the entire Budo method:

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