Dear Budo friend!

The essence of coaching / therapy is to help people to develop patterns of behaving, thinking and feeling, that are more helpful for their lives!

This is a great challenge! Why?
When you have repeated these patterns for years / decades it becomes quiet hard to change them, especially when it comes to beliefs.

It is common coaching knowledge, that your beliefs will alter or delete information, that does contradict them (politics, philosophy, religion, friends, etc.) .

How can Budo help here? Well just take the beliefs relating to your Budo abilities and put them to test in a competition. YOU WILL GAIN IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK, that you can clearly feel from being thrown or punched. Quiet often your beliefs are shattered… after a while you realise, that the best thing is to continue on the path (learning) with no beliefs.

So open direct feedback, that gives you a feeling of discomfort helps you grow your abilities.
Yet it becomes less and less acceptable in our society (See „micro aggressions“).

What is your opinion?
Would open direct feedback help our society to develop further?
How do you avoid your beliefs altering contradicting information?

Best Alexnder