Who is the initiator of Budo2Business?

Alexander is practicing Budo disciplines for over 30 years. Excursions to Muay Thai and Yoga complemented his experiences. The acquired skill set allowed him a long-term career in the demanding job of an Interim CFO/CRO for SMEs.


Alexander has developed and applied the Budo method as an Interim CFO/CRO for over 20 years.
Here you can learn how to use the Budo principles for more success and happiness in business.


Apply the Budo principles on your SME!


Take advantage from Alexander’s experience!


Achieve success and happiness with your SME!

Many people, who start practising a martial art develop a passion for it. Even if life does not always allow an ongoing training, the martial art often becomes a crucial life experience. Here you can learn how to apply it to your company!