Hello dear friends of the inner path!

During the year I fast regularly with the intermittent method and once a week plus minus 36 to 48 hours. I’ve been doing this for about 10 years …

Now after the Christmas excesses I’m back in my permanent fasting mode.

Only water, tea and clear soup.

I did 7 days last year. This year I want to make it longer .. let’s see how it goes.

The first 3 days were not that easy. No physical hunger, but my thoughts were often centered around eating. That was a bit mentally demanding.

Now I have left out the soup and I no longer add honey (half a teaspoon per cup) to the tea. It is getting better now and my head is calmer!

I’m curious .. 2 more days and I’m on the minimum time.

My job will begin again fully next week and I will see how well I can combine it.

Do you already have experience with fasting?

Best regards,

LG Alexander!